Founder’s Bio

Anne Barriault - Writing, LLCAnne Barriault brings 25-plus years of writing, research, and editorial experience to non-profits, individuals, and organizations. With an academic and museum background, Anne is a seasoned professional who has worked with museum development, publications, curatorial, educational, and administrative departments, as well as other cultural and community institutions. She is a published author and editor. In 2012, she established Writing, LLC, a writing and editing service. She also joined Development Services Group Consulting(DSGC) as an Associate.

High standards and commitment are qualities that Anne brings to her projects. She is interested in the organization’s or individual’s mission, specifics of work-life, and vision for the future. She thrives as a good-listener and liaison among project stakeholders, helping to shape materials to communicate effectively with the public. She is sensitive to internal information and its expression for external audiences.  Her prose is clear and concise, descriptive, and jargon-free.

Her background includes successful fundraising (campaign materials and proposals), publication of scholarly and popular art books, direction and production of radio broadcasts in the visual arts, a Doctorate and Master of Arts degree in Italian Renaissance art from the University of Virginia, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Grinnell College, Iowa.